Friday, March 26, 2010

Jadi pemarah memang susah...

Tak taw la, tp seminggu ni asyik nak marah je...

Habis orang yang tak bersalah pun kena gak.

Apa2 je yg dibuat rase serba x kena.

Oh, adakah ini peluang syaitan untuk mencucuk-cucuk hatiku!!

I tend 2 get up late throughout the week.

It seems like I was so far from Allah that makes me feel uncomfortable.

What should I do to recover from this situation??

Rasa mcm susah nak berhubung ngan Allah sebab skrg ni tengah p****d.

Ow c'mmon jannah, that's an absurd excuse!!!

You can always keep in touch with Him through all your actions, right?

Rase mcm dah xde org sbgi tempat mengadu, I just need a shoulder to cry on, ears to hear my babbling, a comforting voice to soothe me up, people who know what to say to a pathetic person like me.

Only ALLAH knows what to give to all His slaves because He is the One who creates us.

It's the same when a computer is broke down, we'll send it to the company which manufactered it, bcoz only them know and have what kind of spareparts should be given to the computer

I have loads of unfinished homeworks, lab reports, unnwashed clothes, and most important to fulfill my commitment as M** here.

I have alot things to be said but I got to go..
Maa's salamah.. Au revoir. Assalamualaikum...

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