Friday, April 16, 2010

Get to know Him..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...
Suddenly I feel like sharing to u guys about sumthing.
One thing about Him that u should really know is...
He is the Most Forgiver and the Acceptor of repentance.
His forgiveness is incomparable to human forgiveness.
Once His servant asks for His forgiveness, it will come with other things too, in a package.
His Forgiveness +His Rewards+The secrecy of the servant's mistake= Allah The Most Forgiver.
He never told anyone about our mistake or 'aib and besides, He also give us rewards or pahala!!
Wow!! What an awesome offer!!
It's very different when dealing with human. 
1st, we don't really sure whether the human himself will forgive us.
2nd, if yes, will he/she give us any present, as a token of appreciation for us, 
who had already done wrong to them??
I was thinking it is always us who give sumthing to them in order to plead for their forgiveness,right?
3rd, are we really sure that the human will forever conceal our faults??
Well, human has a lot of weaknesses..
In the nutshell, once we make any mistakes toward Him, never forget to say 
Because He will never forget His servants who always remember Him..
Because He really loves us..

That's all for now..
InsyaAllah I'll make some more tawajuh after this..
if the Subtle One allow me to do so=)

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