Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rindu serindu-rindunya....

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful....

Rasa sangat2 sedih minggu ni..

Je me sens que je vais exploder a quelque temps...
I feel like exploding..
Rasa nak meletup....

(Tiga-tiga ayat kat atas ni agak hiperbola ea...)

Yesterday, my naqibah was here with few seniors. They came with delightful faces, but then upon seeing my eyes glistening with tears, my naqibah's expression faded away and she started asking why I was crying.

I just don't know to whom I should scream out my plight as everyone seemed very occupied with their own thoughts and ordeals.
I wonder how my seniors were able to face and handle such situation.
I wonder how did they managed to escape from being depressed or tension of others behaviour.
I wonder how they were able to cope with their studies and other 'HUGE' responsibilities.

Then,after thinking in deep, I came out with an answer.
They are servants who are very close to their Creator..

"Those who always kneel to his Creator, will be able to stand up for everything"

Have you ever heard such quotation? Quite true, rite??
I admit that I am not good at expressing my own feeling. I admit that I am bad at managing my time but I am still learning and please do accept that.

Only Allah knows what is the best for us and every mehnah that he give us is actually tarbiah.

Thank you ALLAH
for my beautiful life
for my dearest parents
for my helping frens
for my sufficient oxygen supply
for my perfect creation
for all happiness and sadness
for everything that you have showered on me

*p/s: coz I am afraid that the space will not be enough to list them all out..

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